The 360 Review

Trying to evaluate your nonprofit’s fundraising processes while also doing your day-to-day work is like trying to see the forest for the trees.

Instead, let me perform a complete audit of one or all of the aspects of your fundraising work — and then guide you through each step in “tuning up” your fundraising shop for even better results.

If you’re not raising as much money as your nonprofit needs to fulfill your mission or if you’re ready to expand to do even more — my 360 Review will provide you with the step-by-step guide you need to make your ambitions reality.

Depending on your nonprofit’s unique fundraising needs, I will review one or more of the aspects of your organization during the 360 review:

What You Can Expect

  • Internal Readiness
    Are you ready to grow? To find out, I’ll assess your entire development program (including your staffing, roles/expectations, systems, and budgets) to determine what you’ll need to expand your annual gift program, events, and/or to support major or planned gift fundraising.
  • Board/Volunteers
    How can your board and other volunteers contribute their time, treasure, and talent most effectively to insure your nonprofit’s long-term health? I’ll assess what you’re doing now and show you how to work more effectively.
  • Planned Gifts Program
    Is your nonprofit ready to market and receive planned gifts? I’ll review your current procedures and recommend specific steps to expand your planned gift capacity.
  • Fundraising Events
    I will evaluate your current and planned fundraising events and recommend ways to increase your return on investment — when we’re done your events will enjoy increased visibility, expand your donor base, and raise more than before.
  • Database Readiness
    Are you collecting all the information you need? And even more importantly, are you putting it to the best possible use to recruit donors and encourage them to make ever-increasing gifts? I’ll show you how to systematically inform, cultivate, enlist, and continuously upgrade donors.
  • Detailed Development Action Plan
    In a sense, this is the “all of the above” option – after evaluating your entire development program I’ll outline my findings and provide you with specific, step-by-step instructions to enable you to focus and expand your efforts.

Let’s talk about working together…

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If we decide it makes sense to move forward, I will provide a custom proposal to meet the needs of your business or organization based on an initial 1-2 hour interview. Engagement proposals can begin for as little as $2,000.