One on One Coaching

Commit to the experience of being fully whole.

One-on-one coaching is a partnership in action. My approach is not task focused, but don’t misunderstand me— there will be tasks. It’s just that those tasks come out of a deeper dive into what you really want for your life. We’ll look at where you are now & uncover what you need to light up your life with joy through our one on one coaching work. 

I won’t sugarcoat it- this is not an easy path. You’ll almost certainly come face-to-face with some of the stuff you haven’t yet wanted to look at, that’s been keeping you where you are.

I’ll be there with you, no matter what, with clear vision when yours is clouded, encouragement and a helping hand. I’ll hold the lantern and shine the light so that you can see your way forward. None of us are meant to do this alone!

What We Can Expect Of Each Other

I expect that you, as my one on one coaching client, will:

  • Be honest with yourself and with me
  • Be open to my feedback
    Keep me honestly informed as to what is and is not working for you
  • Take ownership for your progress and your accomplishments
  • Know the best results happen because of your consistency and follow-through

As your coach, you can expect me to:

  • Act as a partner with you in creating your best life

  • Provide a safe, encouraging and supportive environment
  • Listen carefully to what you say
    Ask questions that increase awareness
  • Expand your view of what is possible and promote discovery of new insights.
  • Be an ongoing resource for you in accomplishing your intentions

Let's Get Started

Click here to schedule a free ½ hour introductory call. It will help us to determine what package best meets your needs.


  • 50 min session @ $150
  • 5-Session Package @$600
  • 10-Session Package @$1,000